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AquaTravellers has linked with some of the largest travel providers to help us raise funds for WaterAid. Each time you book hotel rooms, hire a car, book a cruise or even a holiday we will make a donation to WaterAid – at no extra cost to you.

To date, we’ve raised £192.76 to help WaterAid ensure that everyone everywhere has access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

AquaTravellers works with the following travel companies to bring you the best deals whilst at the same time helping WaterAid. Click on the logos below to visit their websites and perhaps book?



The problem

650 million people live without safe water.

2.3 billion people don't have access to adequate sanitation, one in three of the world's population.

Around 315,000 children under-five die every year from diarrhoeal diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation.

That's 900 children per day.

Transform Lives

Just £15 can help WaterAid provide one person with access to safe water.

Clean safe water for all
  • Affordable safe water

    In many countries around the world, taps, wells and pipes
    simply don’t exist. Even where they do, they are often
    not affordable for the poorest people or are not designed to last.

  • Women and girls suffer the most

    They are forced to walk long distances to collect dirty water, wasting their time and energy. This means they miss out on an education, lack the opportunity to make a living, and have little chance to change things.
    They are also more likely to get sick with water-related diseases.

WaterAid works in 37 countries worldwide, transforming millions of lives every year with safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects.